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AutoHotkey - Beginners tutorial (All the basic functions)

This video tutorial shows, how to use AutoHotkey (AHK). AutoHotkey is a very light, but yet powerful automation scripting language for Windows. In the video you will learn to make hotstrings (autocorrection), hotkeys, message boxes, open folders, open internet browsers and much more.

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#autohotkey #scripting #automation
Luckeybear 1908 : Man I can already hear how silent that room is
Jhon Freddy Cardona Franco : Great video! ... greetings from Colombia ... good afternoon, please your kind collaboration since I need this combination with the F1 key: alt (pressed) + F12 + P + O + L
ARVIND ABHANG : Thank you so much. Can we give print command with mouse movement with auto hotkey?
كريم خالد : can u make this tutrial 4 games to ??
Smit Verma : Hello sir, thanks for the informative video. I had a doubt. Using the #IfWinActive command, I want to create a script which runs when the Pycharm IDE application window is opened. But, the problem is that I switch between a lot of python files within the Pycharm app, and the 'window title' for Pycharm apllication changes with every script I open. So, what should I mention as the window title so that the script works across all my files open in the Pycharm app? Thanks!
Ulf Klose : Why are you closing your editor after every change you made to your script? Is AHK putting a lock on the file or are you just used to do that?
Ace Giarac : ur voice is ASMR worthy :]
Insights of Civil Engineering : Do these shortcuts work on chrome as well....?
SebZ 510 : Does autohotkey have a virus or anything dangerous
azi bros : I want to make an autocliker but i cant get it to work i want it to staft on f2 ,pause on h, and completely stop on f12 but when i ckick h that stops it too. i just want it to stop looping. But it stops the whole thing

How to Automate ANYTHING on your computer using AutoHotKey

Written tutorial:

Learn how to use the Free, open-source AutoHotKey to automate nearly anything on your computer.

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Macro Recorder -

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Bhuvanesh s.k : @Online Business Tech
 I have a question can we copy a text file and Auto Keyboard type to a restricted Website editor ? Say a website editor blocks copy paste... Then can we auto type the copied Text ? Is it possible ?
Deniz Yılmaz : How can I do?

Hector William Martinez : How can I do, so that this action is fast, that it does not take a second to do it?
sleep 2
send {p}
sleep 2
send {p}
sleep 15
send {i}
sleep 1
send {i}
arctictimberwolf : Very Good Suggestions there Pal!
Alekss Zukovskis : "Hi, Karen..."
megadisc1982 : thnks for sharing autohotkey
David 182 : thank you nice info
Mourya : i was thinking of creating an ai to do my repeating tasks thankfully now i came to know that there is no need for an ai you saved me a lot of time and stress ...thankyou man
James Mawut Mathou : Hi Matt, thanks for help, I am a personal tutor in Australia and I watched your video on digital whiteboard (Wacom CTL) drawing and writing. If you don't mind, I really like to know the camera you were using in that video. Its looks great and view was excellent.
hope to get your response soon. Thanks
virgilio murillo ochoa : Hey the reference is broken, does it means autohotkey is no upgraded anymore?

AutoHotkey For Beginners

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Download this video's files here:

This unlock includes:
AutoHotkey script with custom Windows shortcut commands (script.txt)
( You also get access to ALL source code and any downloadable content of ALL Clever Techie videos, as well as access to ALL videos in HD 1080p quality format with all video ads removed! )

Goal: Increase productivity by ---
1) launching programs and
2) switching between windows; using custom hot keys created with AutoHotkey.
3) Review most useful and common windows and browsers hot keys and use and combine them with AutoHotkey custom hot keys for maximum productivity.

Let's do this:

Download and Install AutoHotkey -
Create new blank .ahk (autohotkey) file using notepad
Paste the script and explain how it works
Launching Programs with hot keys (Ctrl + Shift + Letter/Number) or your own custom hot keys. Get program path to executable for launching program
Activating Windows (Windows Key + Letter) - use Window Spy if in doubt. Get program name from the active window for window activation hotkeys
Don't for get to reload AutoHotkey script
Watch out for conflicts when creating your own hotkeys (hotkeys created in this video are generally safe to use)
4. Put shortcut to AutoHotkey to StartUp folder for automatic startup
Windows Startup Folder Location: C:\\Users\\#UserName#\\AppData\\Roaming\\Microsoft\\Windows\\Start Menu\\Programs\\Startup
5. Using built-in Windows hot keys in combination with AutoHotkey for maximum productivity:
Browsers: Ctrl+T (open new tab), Ctrl+W (close active tab), Ctrl + Shift + T (re-open last closed tab), Ctrl + L (activate address bar)
Windows Key + Left, Right (snap windows to screen), Windows Key + Up, Down (minimize, maximize windows)
6. Alt + F4 (close window/tab/exit program)
7. Show an example of how I use all those hotkeys to boost my productivity
Example 1: learning a new programming language: 1) IDE, 2) Book, 3) Browser (output) 4) Console, 5) Notes (documenting everything I learn)
( Website ) - PHP, JavaScript, Wordpress, CSS, and HTML tutorials in video and text format with cool looking graphics and diagrams.

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Camilo Monsalve : Do you know, why when I run a software with Run for example:
C:\Program Files (x86)\ some program.exe
This program opens and get close inmediately?
What I'm doing wrong?
Emerald Craft777 : Anyone here for rouge lineage??
Jacob Acosta : how do I make a script repat with a fail-safe?
john gerity : What this video, see, is about, ok, is, um, ok so this .... is a video ... ok? and um ... it's going to show you how to ... as you see the name of the video ... here .... is ... AutoHotkey ....................For Beginners. ................and it's going to show you use ...... AutoHotkey ... in a way ...... that will make you .... understand ....... the way ...... that ... as you see here a video. It's just as simple as that. OK. So, thank you for watching my video, like and subscribe, don't forget to hit that bell ... see ... here, the bell ..... right here .... see my mouse pointer circling it, that's the bell .....
Marche Royale : How he says hotkey is annoying
Sanket : Atahatki
Oliper202020 : so you use 2 difrent browsers??
Buzzy The Bee : I downloaded autohotkey, and it keeps crashing chrome. What am i going to do
Mark Aplier : Question: Dos anyone know how to write an autohotkey program that can automaticallt excecute a command on a specific time?
Specifically, I want a program which automatically makes me join in a group meeting on teams at 9 am in the morning with my camera and sound off. Anybody an idea?
It would be much appreciated!
Justin Harrott : Thanks for ctrl + [L] in web browsers




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